Sense of Danger

I got a boat.
If you ever get tired of drowning in your hardships.

I know we’re supposed to live life on the edge
But not when the world is round.
It might be better to live in fantasies.
But the moment’s happening now.

We can’t [always] be strong.
Not all the time.
It’s okay to ask when you need a hand.
That’s why I have this boat.
It’s my traveling piece of land.

Trust, I got stories for days.
I wouldn’t be here without the climaxes.

With each leap of faith, I took a risk.
And I know the difference
Between bravery and stupidity.
You can’t have one without the other
Most times.

Experiences have taught me where I need to be cautious.
Mistakes have made me wiser about life.
But the most life changing moments are best pocketed as memories.

You know,
It rains the hardest on the ones who deserve the sun.
That’s why I needed this boat to begin with.
That’s how I learned to swim.
That’s how I learned to trust my instincts.
That’s how I learned to strive.
That’s how I learned to walk, to jump, to fall, to get back up, to love, to appreciate, to enjoy, to sing. And dance. When it rains.

In life, I’ve learned to laugh
Or else there’s a lot to be sad about.
That’s what separates success from failure.

Because there’s no point to life if you’re not living it with a sense of Danger.

Here in Puerto Rico, I’m on this journey to make peace with things from my past. This piece describes my outlook on everything thus far. I’m only 20 but I’ve had to put up with a lot more than someone my age. Growing up in Brownsville has taught me how to deal with the dirty, grimy, unjust parts of life. Having a mother with Lupus has made me realize how precious and short life is. Witnessing my parents love erode pushes me to love endlessly. Being the under dog has given me the inspiration to keep on achieving in spite of what I’m faced with. Until I get to where I’m going, I just gotta keep on rowing.


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