It is what it is until it isn’t anymore.

Considering each day is a new day,
Yet the next day
Is just another day,
Each day being the same
but as years go,
Everything has changed.

It all comes down to how you spend each moment,

how you do what you do.


A man’s gotta do what a man has got to do.
It’s true.
Since at the end of the day, the man gets his due, knowing that
Alls well that ends well.
Knowing that
Business is business
It’s nothing personal.

Every day has its end.
Let the maker make the match.

The man learned not to count his chickens before they hatch.

They can be here today and gone tomorrow.

As fleeting as a breath.

Life’s only common factor:
Birth and

Bloods thicker than water
(The excuse to give more chance to family)
Although, they’re the first to make a promise
They won’t keep.
It’s like a lazy man wanting a harvest he didn’t reap.

It’s the broom that Sweeps.
The man prefers not to be asked a question,
Since he prefers not to lie.
He chooses words carefully
As one day he may get the wish he wants
Even so, he’s not one to want.
He rises to the occasion
The first one served
Is the first to arrive.
With boys being boys,
The competition continues to thrive.
Only the strong survive.
In this, common sense is not so common.

As above, so below
Tomorrow is another day
To keep the buoy bopping.


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