That moment when…


to the next chapter titled
“That Moment
when you knew you went wrong,
But continued.”

Like you turn another leaf on a page or
flick chords
on a string instrument.
Looking for a rhythm

Discord ringing-
made beautiful with intention.
Solutions visit and problems stay,
Forming into variations of trees
branching out to give shade
From a sun
that’s too hot.
Like when
Sometimes a cloud blots out the glare
Like when it’s so hot
You just stand under a branch there.

Where I am in my life
is not where I want to be.
I want to turn the pages to the next chapter and get through all this climbing scenery.
I’m happy with myself but I don’t want to get stuck here in the comfort of this problem tree.


So many people stop turning the page.

They stay on one page because
They know what takes place
up until that point.

Stay on the page like I’m stuck on this point,

Friction will try to keep you from your place
Stop you from moving faster
Circumstance upon circumstance
becomes a disaster.
It may lead to a demise.
But defeat is only victory in disguise.
Doubt will never cease to tell you lies
being told you’re a disappointment
when you really are the sunshine.
You have branches throwing shade
but only the Eagles that soar above the storm have the capacity
to see that your light does not fade
Sometimes the light that you see in others
Is the light you’re reflecting.
Leave you roaming
Filter out the search
Flipping through pages
I’ve laid more verses on these stages
Than a Thespian.
I re-read through my life sometimes and I even shock myself
To see my stealth.
Where concerning maintenance of overall health.
That no matter the lack of wealth,
No one can ever buy what’s in my heart.
I can never exchange need for want.
I need this. You want.
So that moment
When I continued
although I thought I was wrong
Was me showing myself
that life truly goes on.

Shout out to the homie Sha.islike who originally wanted this piece featured on his album but I was too engrossed in that moment to put out the finished product.



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