Good Morning

My Eventful Morning

Began in the kitchen when I decided to make some eggs. I had platanos frying in one pot, dishes in the sink with soap and a buttered pan to crack my egg in.

The first egg made it in the pan beautifully, sizzled just a bit and glazed over the butter. As I cracked the second egg over the pan, the egg completely missed the target of the other yolk and went clear over the pan, down past the flame and underneath the stove cover.

Never in my day has an egg been so disrespectful! I was so discouraged, I didn’t even crack another one it’s place. I was in pure disbelief that my egg just did that.

I figured I’d clean it after I finished breakfast.

I left the platanos to fry and went back to the dishes. I have a brush that has a fill for soap. As I go to place the handle back on the soap brush, the fill ricochets off my hand and BAM!! Out spills dish soap on my shirt, bounces onto my jeans and lands square on the floor!

What is going on?!” I thought. But I had little time to dwell as soap leaked onto the floor. I let my shirt run under the sink water and scrubbed out the soap as best I could. I didn’t even know how to tackle the soap stain on my jeans, bleeding into my tights underneath.

I could only shake my head and


Aww man! I forgot the bread I put to toast!

Out pops my burnt piece of toast.

I remove the burnt platanos and put some faux bacon on the pan to finish breakfast.

Now to address this soap stain on my jeans. I wet a bounty and managed to make suds while I wiped it. That’s when I had to take off my jeans, leave my tights on, and rinse the soap stain on the jeans. I hung the jeans on a hook on the double doors that close the kitchen.

I finished breakfast. By the time I cleaned up my mess and changed my clothes, I was more than late to work.

With some idea as to why I was so clumsy, I resolved to not have two shots of espresso at night, even if the second one is “on the house” – my body cannot take it in the morning.

Sighing, I calmly put my bags together and made it out the door…

Only to be met with no train etiquette 7 train riders and train traffic on the F.

Today will be a great day.

After all of that, I’m surprised it wasn’t cooked.

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