(Readers discretion is advised)

So…. you can call me the Erikillah the mouse killah!!!!! I know some of my friends have followed my pest control. I’ve been quiet about my success but just to let you know, since buying the traps online I caught 3 youngins. The mom, which is always the hardest, has escaped me… until now.

So this is what happened. (Bear with me)

I came home yesterday, a little earlier than usual-my bossman has allowed me to work closer to home, God bless his soul- to find a friggin mouse on my dresser! (Now you know I was pissed and this meant ALL OUT WAR!) previously the mice were in the kitchen. A mouse in my room is a threat to my serenity. I saw the sucker jump off my dresser and dash underneath it. I caught a glimpse of the size well enough to know this was the mother. Now I didn’t know where the SOM (Son of a Mouse) went so I observed… it went into the radiator vents.

Aha! I thought. Perfect.

I swept my room a bit and created the perfect nook to set up a trap. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the trap that’s equivalent to a guillotine. Now originally the trap recommends that you put peanut butter on it. I don’t know if anyone understands how I love peanut butter… but if I’m wasting my resource for a mouse, you know it’s real.

So I put peanut butter on the trap. Momma mice are not stupid. They need some convincing.

AND IT WORKED!!! You just got got momma! Yeah! Patience y’all. It’s a virtue. I got the mother of mice (sex check says she’s a she). AND the peanut butter was untouched!!!!

I want to thank God first and foremost. I want to thank everyone who believed in me, everyone who supported me and recommended traps when I thought there were no options. A special shout out to my parents who hosted mice funerals with my brothers and I when we were kids. You taught us well. Thank you mom because without you, I’d have remorse for mice. Thank you to all my fans and now I’ll be moving on to bigger things…

Like how to catch this rat at work. Smh.



2 thoughts on “Erikillah

  1. Avis Marie says:


    I just want you to know that you made me look this up…”How to Tell if a Mouse Is Male or Female: 7 Steps – wikiHow” I’m not sure if I can ever forgive you for that…

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